Services for New Business Start-ups
We can guide and help you through the Start-up process with the following:

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         Advise on the most tax-efficient and cost effective structure for your business limited company, sole trader or partnership

         Deal with all the associated setup matters including taxes registration for new clients and company secretarial issues.

        Complete tax registration procedures with the Revenue Commissioners.

         Help in the establishment of a suitable accounting system.

         Assisting in the preparation of business plans, cash flow projections and budgets

         Assist in accessing financing such as grants or from financial institutions.

         Assists in obtaining any relevant grants that may be available for your business.

         Assist in the establishment of relationships with banks, solicitors, insurance brokers.

         Control your bookkeeping and accounting costs by offering competitive and flexible solutions.


Starting up a new business can be challenging and subject to a degree of financial uncertainty and risk. It is therefore important to be aware of the challenges which may be faced in the high-pressured new business start-up environment.  Working closely with the entrepreneur a structure is provided to ensure the business complies with its statutory and taxation obligations.  All the necessary support is provided to ease your worries and guide you through the start up process. 

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We will give you with all the information you require on the steps involved in starting a new business; taxation matters, availability of grants, provision of financial support for the establishment of new businesses or expansion of existing ones. We will guide you in the decision of whether to trade as a sole trader or to set up a limited company or.